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The Workshop

Welcome to our Workshop, where a wide range of projects are completed in-house, using authentic machines and design methods.

From badge sewing and repair work, to creating canvas covers for your vintage car, it is best to get in touch to discuss your latest project with us.


Badge Sewing

Have your badges professionally and accurately fitted to your uniform.

They don't need to be OTD badges either; they can original or other reproductions.


Canvas Workshop

Our wide range of original sewing machines allows us to work with canvas and webbing.

We can either make items from scratch or repair original items.


Bespoke Projects

Bespoke projects can vary so much in nature. From tonneou car covers, battledress adjustments, radio covers and vintage hot rod seat belts, our years of experience could help you achieve that final touch to your project.

Our Previous Work...

As each project is unique, please get in touch with your specific requirements, including any imagery, your location, and deadlines you may have.

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