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Celanese Recognition Triangle


Often called the "Recce Scalf" they were introduced in 1941 as an Ground to Air recognition sign for ground troops.


Originally designed to be tied to the Chest respirator with the two ties and to be drawn in front of the body using the thumb loops. By 1944 they were issued to members of the British Airborne Forces and often worn as a scalf to stop chafing of uniform against the neck.

Many accounts from the Battle of Arnhem by Dutch civilians mention the men wearing yellow cravat's.


It was also used extensively by members of the US 17th Airborne Division during Operation Varsity in 1945.


Our reproductions are faithfully made using 100% cotton tape and thread combined with an artifial silk main panel, Celanese  was an artifial silk developed by Courtaulds Ltd in the 1930s. Celanese is no longer in production but we have painstakingly tracked down the closest cloth now available to replicate the look and feel of the original item.


The scalfs are finished off with our makers stamp "Bainbridge Clothiers Ltd"


As this is artifial silk (nylon) please keep away from irons or very hot items.




Airborne Forces Celanese Triangle

Please allow 4 weeks for item to be made.
  • Information

    Main panel made from Nylon, Do NOT iron.

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